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Avoid these foods to protect your gums

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Greenway Family Dental
Image of sugary sports drinks. It pains when all the hard work you have put into your oral health is put to waste simply for eating. Focusing on your diet is important, but not important enough if you do not focus on what you eating. Some foods are unhealthy for your gums, not saying that they are not healthy, but they destroy your natural aesthetics and you would not want that. Would you? Here go some of those foods and how they impact your gums.

White bread

Surprising right? Now, white bread contains starch that is broken down into sugar. This is bad for your oral health, the paste-like substance gets stuck in between your teeth while eating. This allows bacteria to build up on the area turning it into plaque. The sugar turns into cavities over time and this leads to periodontal diseases in the long run. This can however be treated by eating fruits and vegetables often and probably nuts, in place of the white bread. Generally, avoid too much starch and focus on other healthy diets.

Citrus fruits

They are packed with vitamin C however, their acidic nature is said to be too rough on the enamel. Acidic foods and carbonated beverages erode the tooth enamel. Over time, this might start irritating the gum and might cause gum diseases if left untreated. It is important to note that these foods are not unhealthy, they are unhealthy to your oral health. The effects can be reduced by rinsing your mouth after eating such foods. Also, the introduction of foods like bananas, spinach, and cucumbers can be healthy. These foods' alkalinity neutralizes the acidic levels in the mouth.

Sports drinks

This might seem like an alternative to beverages like soda, but unluckily it is not. As we have covered above sugary and acidic foods lead to irritation of the gum and tooth enamel. Sporty drinks have a high concentration of both and might cause gum issues if often used. In case you use them, make sure to brush your teeth after consumption. This will help prevent its effects.

These are just some of the foods you are advised to consume rarely. For more information about your oral health, you are welcome to reach out to our dentists. They are trained professionals when it comes to issues with diet and will take you through the journey to maintaining your oral health. Call us today.

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