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Who Needs Jaw Reconstruction Surgery?

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
A person holding their jaw in painOrthognathic surgery, sometimes called jaw reconstruction surgery, is usually advised for patients with specific disorders that impact the position, framework, or functionality of the jaw. The following are some typical causes for which jaw reconstruction procedures may be required.

Loss of Alignment

Jaw reconstruction surgery may benefit people suffering from severe malocclusion, in which the bottom and upper jaws do not line up correctly. The expression and appearance of the face can be affected by this misalignment.

Orthodontic Issues

Jaw reconstruction surgery may be necessary when braces or other non-surgical techniques do not sufficiently resolve typical orthodontic needs. This can apply to circumstances where jaw alignment is the fundamental issue.

Face Trauma

Reconstructive procedures may be required in cases of accidents, injuries, or facial trauma resulting in fractures or displacements of the jaw. This can aid in regaining the stability, appearance, and regular movement of the jaw.

Birth Defects

Congenital malformations or anomalies affecting the formation of the jawline or facial bones occur in specific individuals from birth. These flaws can be fixed by jaw reconstruction surgery, enhancing appearance and functionality.

Lesions or Tumors

Malignancies, cysts, or other foreign objects on the jawbone may require surgical removal. Following tumor removal, jaw reconstruction surgery may be necessary to restore the structural integrity of the jawbone and surrounding tissues.


Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a disorder characterized by the destruction of bone tissue in the jaw. In extreme cases of infection, jaw reconstruction surgery may be needed to eliminate necrotic tissues and bring back the health and function of the jawbone.

Asymmetry or Malformations

Asymmetry or deformity of the mandible or facial bones of the skull can affect appearance and function. These deformities can be rectified with a morphologic method comprising jaw reconstruction surgery. This typically helps balance and harmonize the face.

Modified jaw reconstruction surgery aims to produce good function and improved aesthetics with the unique needs of each patient kept in mind. A comprehensive assessment performed by our maxillofacial surgeon is required to determine whether jaw restoration surgery is appropriate for you.

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