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Dental Bonding

Dentist and assistant performing a dental bonding procedure on a female patientOften referred to as a composite bonding, dental bonding is a treatment used for cosmetic dentistry to help improve a smile. As the procedure is completed through Greenway Family Dental, the dentist will match the color of the bonding resin with your tooth.This will help change the tooth color, shape, and size.

What Instances is Bonding Used For?

Dental bonding will be implemented to enhance a smile through a cosmetic method. The bonding process will utilize a resin made of composite material that helps hide cracks and chips. It can also help hide discoloration, give a longer tooth appearance, and transform the shape of the tooth.

You will see the exact resin used in other dental restoration procedures. Besides bonding, the resin may be used in a cavity, give protection to the roots after being exposed, and may replace other filling types.

Is There a Difference Between Bonding and Veneers?

When it comes to a veneer, it is a shell that is covering the tooth and is adhered to the front of the tooth. It gets set after the dentist scrapes off some enamel. When the veneer is set, it is a permanent application that can only be taken off by your dentist.

Having dental bonding, on the other hand, does not need any removal of enamel. Because of this, the bonding can be removed easily. Your dentist will need to maintain the bonding at least every three years.

If you hear your dentist talking about a composite veneer, they will be referring to the use of a composite. This composite will be spread on the teeth and will cover the entire surface. This is the only way that a bonding may appear like a veneer.

What's Next Following a Bonding?

Once you get a bonding, you need to ensure to maintain your regular oral care so that your mouth and teeth remain as healthy as possible. Ensure this by brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. On top of that, you need to keep in touch with your dentist for cleanings and touch-ups.

Is Special Care Needed Following Bonding?

Having a dental bond does not require any special care instructions. Just maintain your normal oral hygiene routine. On top of your oral hygiene routine, you need to stay away from habits that could cause chipping.

If there is noticeable sharpness along the bond, you need to let your dentist know. They will be able to smooth it out so that no issues occur. You should also contact your dentist if your teeth feel weird while biting.

Get Your Bonding Today

Receiving dental bonding can easily enhance your teeth and provide a brighter smile. It will also restore your teeth so that there are no more chips or cracks present. Your dentist at Greenway Family Dental can sit down with you and discuss options available to you, so give us a call at (623) 500-6122.

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