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Dental Bridges

a jawline displaying two anchor teeth with a tooth bridging the gap As a dental device, the bridge is made up of artificial teeth consisting of either porcelain or resin that takes the place of teeth that are missing. The bridge can also be known as a partial denture or a filler tooth that has a crown connected to help keep teeth anchored. When you need a bridge, the dental team at Greenway Family Dental will make sure that your bridge fits perfectly.

Having the Bridge Installed

Once the dentist has decided that a bridge would be beneficial for you, the anchor will be developed. This anchor will be placed after the area is numb. It will not be a painful process.

With the anchor set, you will return for a future appointment where the bridge is set. Following the bridge placement, a bulky feeling may occur in your mouth, which is temporary. Finally, you will be scheduled for a follow-up so that your dentist can assess the bridge and provide any adjustments to help keep it feeling comfortable.

Keep the Bridge Clean

Your bridge will need to be taken care of and cleaning it the same way as your other teeth is the best way. It is recommended by the American Dental Association that brushing should be conducted for at least two minutes so that the bridge and surrounding teeth are as clean as possible. Plus, flossing between the bridge and surrounding teeth needs to be a regular process so that gum disease can be controlled.

If you floss at least once a day, it will be an effective way to keep plaque removed and the bridge safe and healthy. If you use normal dental floss, you may not obtain a sufficient cleaning. However, when you utilize a Waterpik, it will provide a much more efficient cleaning.

Cost Associated with a Bridge

If you want an affordable way to have teeth replaced, a bridge may be the best way to save on costs. Plus, most dental insurance providers will likely cover the cost for a bridge. However, if you plan to pay for a bridge yourself, then you will be looking at paying at least $600.

You Should Not Consider a Dental Bridge as Being Permanent

If your bridge is taken care of, it will be able to give you many years of use. When damage is caused, it will likely be by chewing gum or eating food that is hard. When your oral hygiene is maintained with regular dental visits, your bridge will last for years, although you should not consider it to be a permanent fixture.

The Bridge is a Great Alternative

When you have missing teeth, a bridge is a great alternative to replacing them. A similar appliance is a dental implant, which is a permanent solution to missing teeth. If you want a good solution for your missing teeth, then you should call Greenway Family Dental at (623) 500-6122 for an appointment with a dentist today.

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