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Dental Cleanings

 Close up of a woman's mouth open while the hygenist cleans her teeth with a tool At a young age, our parents taught us about the importance of brushing our teeth and how it can help keep our teeth clean. Besides this, it is important to understand that dental cleanings should also be conducted routinely in order to eliminate gum disease and cavities. The team at Greenway Family Dental will set you up for a routine cleaning that will help keep your gums and teeth clean.

What Type of Cleanings Are There?

Dental cleanings involve two types: a routine cleaning and a deep cleaning. Both of these types of cleanings involve the elimination of tartar and plaque that have been deposited on the teeth. Besides this one commonality, they both are also very different.

Routine Cleanings

A routine cleaning is what you get when you schedule a cleaning every six months. For your cleaning, our highly-trained hygienist will begin by scraping off a substance known as plaque and any tartar that is present on the teeth. It is important to have a cleaning because of their ability to stop gum disease from setting in and can be used as a treatment for gingivitis.

Another reason to have a routine cleaning is to use the time to ask questions concerning areas that you may have problems keeping clean. By bringing up problem areas, the hygienist can educate you on the proper process to keep your teeth clean. That way you are able to keep plaque and tartar at a minimum. Besides gum disease, cleanings will also decrease bad breath. When a cleaning is scheduled, they will normally be in conjunction with a checkup so that the dentist knows the current status of your teeth, can obtain x-rays, and perform a screening for oral cancer.

Deep Cleanings

A deep cleaning is exactly what you will get when you schedule one. Unlike a routine cleaning, a deep cleaning can produce a cleaning that is far superior. Your hygienist will implement techniques that are able to remove bacteria, plaque, and hard tartar that have made their way to the root. It is a fact that bacteria will be hidden within the tartar and when the tartar is removed, it will eliminate the bacteria too. If bacteria is not removed, it will produce toxins that can eat away at the teeth.

As time goes by, your teeth and gums will separate and cause pockets to form, which the bacteria will then be able to invade on a deeper level. If an infection starts beneath the gum line, the roots can weaken and cause the teeth to loosen and come out.

In order for gum disease to be prevented, the bacteria must be removed so that tooth loss can be prevented. During your deep cleaning, the dentist will use a planer to smoothen the root surface, which will prevent the bacteria from sticking.

Occasionally, your dentist or hygienist will apply gel antibiotics, provide an antibiotic mouth rinse, or antibiotics orally to ensure that remaining germs are eliminated. Due to the procedure being beneath the gums, an anesthetic will be injected locally.

Eliminating the Spread of Gum Disease

Having a routine and deep cleaning are both important ways to eliminate infection and gum disease. Thus, if you are overdue for a cleaning, you should give Greenway Family Dental a call today. Give us a call at (623) 500-6122.

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