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Dental Crowns

Close up 3D rendering of a dental crown being placed on a shaved down toothWhen a crown is placed, its purpose is to help a tooth become restored to its original form. Having a crown will also keep your tooth protected and enhance its appearance. There are many reasons why a crown would be recommended.

Some examples of the need for a crown include making a bridge, repairing a chip, covering a root canal, or to replace a tooth that is missing. At Greenway Family Dental, we will keep your teeth looking great with a crown. This way the crown is able to provide protection for years to come.

Material Used In A Crown

The material used in a crown can vary. Usually, the material used can range from composite resin, ceramic, alloy, and porcelain. When making a crown, its material will be equal to a tooth in both color and shape so that it resembles the other teeth.

Is Pain Involved With A Dental Crown?

When your dentist begins with your crown, they will numb the area. After you leave the dentist's office and you no longer feel numb, there may be some soreness around the tooth and gums. Normally, if there is any pain, it will be minimal and not be long-lasting.

Throughout the crown treatment, the tooth will be numbed using an anesthetic to the gum. A pinch may be felt as it is being injected, but you should not feel any pain during the procedure.

Providing Ongoing Care

When it comes to the crown, it can break just as easily as a real tooth can. Plus, the remaining tooth underneath is still prone to a cavity. In order to eliminate the chance of cavities, you should be brushing on a regular basis using a toothpaste with fluoride

You also should avoid chewing on food that is hard such as hard candy or any other objects that are hard. Make sure that you have a routine exam with your dentist. This way your crown can be maintained and kept clean.

Choosing The Dentist That Is Right For You

When you get a crown, the dentist will play a huge role in the way a crown is placed and if it will be a complete success. In order to obtain the best possible treatment, your dentist needs to have a great amount of experience and the right equipment. Whether they are a general dentist, prosthodontist, family dentist, or cosmetic dentist, they all will be able to provide a crown.

The only difference between which dental professional performs the crown is the amount of expertise. A good example is a prosthodontist and the fact that they have more training. Their additional training involves in depth knowledge of the bone and teeth, and this may come in handy if your case calls for it.

Thus, if you are ready for your crown, you should get in touch with Greenway Family Dental. We will provide the best possible treatment and allow you to regain a normal feeling in your tooth again. Pick up the phone and call (623) 500-6122 to schedule your appointment today.

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