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Dental Fillings

3D rendering of three teeth each with a different dental filling material: composite, amalgam, and goldAlthough it is not desirable to have a cavity, the good part is that it can be repaired by having the cavity filled so that it does not become worse. By taking care of your teeth, you are able to prevent cavities from forming. However, if you are in need of a filling, then you should get in touch with Greenway Family Dental today to schedule an assessment of your teeth.

Before The Filling

While your dentist is taking a look at each affected tooth, a determination will be made concerning how bad the cavity is and the amount of filling it requires. After the cavity size is known, the filling will be prepared. Once the filling material is ready, the dentist will clean the cavity out and have an x-ray taken of the tooth.

In The Course Of The Filling

Once tooth prepping and x-rays are complete, the dentist will have an anesthetic injected to numb the problematic tooth. With the decay cleaned out, the cavity will then be filled with the filling material.

When you decide to have a bonded filling, then a special gel consisting of acid will help the bonding material stick to the surface of the tooth. Once the shape of the tooth is created, a composite will be used for filling. Once filled the tooth will be bonded.

Upon completion of bonding, the dentist will use a special light to enhance the strength of the bonding and have the resin cured. Curing it ensures that the composite is in a solid-state. If needed, the light may be needed multiple times to guarantee composite hardening.

Following The Tooth Filling

Once the filling is completed by your dentist, they will advise you of taking special care of the tooth to ensure that the filling lasts. You may also be advised on the time limit that your mouth may remain numb. Most times, it may take an hour for the numbing to wear off following dental fillings.

If sensitivity is felt, you need not be concerned because it will dissipate within a few days following your filling. Besides that, if the pain is present once a filling is done, then you need to be in contact with your dentist. The dentist will examine the tooth again and check for the cause of the pain.

You may be advised to have more follow-up appointments after your filling to ensure that it is intact. If not, then you may need the filling refilled. The refilling may be caused by a number of things such as a poor seal or a gap.

By having Greenway Family Dental provide you with your filling, you are getting a personalized service that ensures your tooth filling is what you expect. Our dentists will provide the necessary care so that the filling lasts for a long time. Call (623) 500-6122 to schedule your appointment now!

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