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Dentures Complete and Partials

3D rendering of partial dentures being placed on a lower jaw with missing back teethConsidered one of the most conservative of all artificial tooth solutions, dentures are both easy to place in the oral cavity and one of the most reasonably priced options available. They are placed on both hard and soft tissues in the mouth. The traditional style denture is removable although there are some that can be permanently secured in the mouth.

Tooth loss can be caused by a number of things. It could be caused by an injury suffered to the oral cavity or the face or it might be caused by gum disease or extensive tooth decay. Whatever the cause may be, patients who are seeking an artificial tooth solution can find the answer in denture placement. Partial dentures are prosthetic teeth attached to appliances and are secured onto healthy teeth adjacent to the missing teeth, whereas complete dentures are an entire set of teeth replacing either the complete upper or lower jaw.

Any patient who is looking for an artificial tooth solution should consider dentures a viable option. Why not come see us and let us evaluate your unique situation and see if dentures could be the answer? We are located at Greenway Family Dental.

Denture Types

There are two different types of complete dentures. The first type is known as immediate or conventional dentures. They are placed after teeth have been extracted and the oral cavity properly prepared. With traditional dentures, they are not placed until after the oral cavity has healed following tooth extraction. This is typically two or three months after the extraction procedure.

Immediate dentures follow a much different concept. They are placed directly following tooth extraction and there is no waiting period between the extraction procedure and the placement procedure. With this option, patients likely will have to come in for reshaping procedures to get the dentures to correctly fit because the gum line will likely change during healing.

Why Get Dentures?

Most of the time, patients get dentures following widespread tooth loss brought on by periodontal disease. As the disease progresses, patients will lose even more teeth. With every tooth lost, their appearance will change even more drastically. When the support of the teeth and gums is lost, their cheeks and lips will begin to sag inward into the oral cavity. There is also the problem of chewing food with fewer teeth as well.

When dentures are placed, the lost support of the missing teeth is restored as is the lost functionality. They allow you to eat and chew without consequence. It will greatly improve the way they look by supporting the lips and cheeks and returning their appearance to normal.

Replacing Dentures

The American Dental Association recommends patients replace their dentures at least every seven years. While this is their standard, dentures can, in fact, last much longer than that if properly cared for. Patients should look over their dentures every day and look for damage or wear points. It is important to realize that dentures are made of a softer material than natural tooth enamel and can wear out more readily than natural teeth.

Patients considering artificial tooth solutions should come to see us at our Greenway Family Dental office so we can discuss dentures as a potential option. We can also be reached by phone at (623) 500-6122. Give us a call today.

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