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Mouthguards (night)

Close up of a simple mouthguard being held up by an excited white womanIf you have been experiencing headaches or jaw pain, then you may likely be experiencing bruxism. This condition is responsible for causing teeth to grind and clench. Not only can bruxism occur at night, but it can also occur during the day.

When it comes to the cause of bruxism, it is believed to be caused by increased stress. With an increase in stress, there will be a lot more individuals experiencing bruxism. When you get a hold of Greenway Family Dental, we will get you diagnosed and fitted with a mouth guard so that you do not experience as many headaches.

Damage Can Be Prevented

Due to a person grinding their teeth at night while sleeping, they are unable to control the amount of it and the duration. With teeth grinding occurring, the enamel can be affected negatively. If too much enamel is eroded, then there may be too much sensitivity. When too much sensitivity occurs, the mouth will become uncomfortable when you attempt to drink or eat items that are cold or hot. Plus, if your teeth have no more enamel to protect them, then decay will quickly set in. If the decay continues, you will begin to experience infection.

The grinding that your teeth experience will be prevented while wearing a mouth guard. If you have dental fillings or fractures, a mouth guard can help keep them safe. Without a mouth guard, you will likely need to have previous dental work redone.

TMJ Disorder Can Be Prevented

By preventing TMJ disorder, a mouth guard is able to keep the jaw and skull properly aligned. When you clench your teeth, there is pressure, but when a mouth guard is worn, the pressure is relieved. Having a disorder associated with the TMJ means chewing will become difficult, but with a mouth guard, tension is relieved and the muscles of the joint can relax.

Stop Headaches From Reoccurring

If you have headaches and general neck pain, they could be a symptom of teeth grinding. This is because migraines can trigger TMJ symptoms.

Prior to getting diagnosed, you need to make sure that your headaches truly are caused by teeth clenching and grinding. You can be sure by having a dental exam. Teeth grinding causes the teeth to look and appear flatter and more worn down.

You can also observe your gums and if they have receded. This recession occurs because your teeth are clenched. When you have a mouth guard at night, it will instantly eliminate your headaches and relax the muscles.

Keep Money In Your Pocket

Wearing a custom fit mouth guard at night can keep money in your pocket in the long run. At first, you may think that a price of $500 to $800 may seem like a lot, but it is a great investment. This is especially true when you compare the price of a mouth guard to the price of restorative procedures.

As soon as fractures set in due to wear, your only choice will be to have a restorative procedure. These procedures can become costly because the price will usually be per tooth. Some of these restorative procedures include crowns, implants, fillings, and aligners.

Seek The Help You Need

When you make an appointment with Greenway Family Dental, we will be able to make a bruxism diagnosis. We will evaluate and determine the depth of your headaches and whether you wake up every morning with head and neck pain. Call (623) 500-6122 to schedule your consultation today!

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