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Porcelain Crowns

A jawline with a tooth that has been ground down and a new crown being placed on topA porcelain crown can be used if a tooth has a significant amount of damage. Tooth loss can be caused by many things such as decay, breaks, chips, or even a root canal that has failed. If these are the cases for you, Greenway Family Dental can help you with a porcelain crown. We will go above and beyond to ensure that your porcelain crown is highly durable and long-lasting.

Porcelain Crown Benefits

Having an all-porcelain crown is more beneficial than those having metal. The benefits include no dark lines present along the gum line. The amount of drilling is decreased due to the thin nature of the all-porcelain crown.

You will also not have to worry about the porcelain crown staining over time. Having an all-ceramic crown means your body will not reject its use as opposed to metal. A porcelain crown will not cause gum recession.

The Cost For An All Porcelain Crown

Figuring out the cost for a porcelain crown will include several factors such as material, time, and how much experience the dentist has. Normally, a dentist will practice dentistry at a certain skill level. When this happens, the quality will match the amount of skill the dentist possesses.

When you have a dentist who takes their time to ensure the crown is properly done, they will normally have more experience and material that is far superior to other dentists. They will also likely use a dental lab that is more advanced.

As far as the price is concerned, it will be the ceramist who charges the dentist for the procedure and that cost will always roll over to the patient. For a single porcelain crown, the cost could be as much as $2,500 for a quality porcelain crown. With all costs added up, the total could easily be more than $4,000.

Porcelain Crown Quality

As we stated above, the quality of the porcelain crown will depend on the experience and dental lab that the dentist uses. The porcelain crown will also offer a stronger bite, fit snugly, and will last for years. Your gums will also return to a healthier state than they were before.

Make sure that your dentist has the experience and training to back it up. They should be able to perform a porcelain crown like any other procedure. They also should have previous work that you can see from other patients who had a porcelain crown performed by the dentist.

Get Your Porcelain Crowns Today

The appealing part about a porcelain crown is that they are durable and strong. Besides that, a porcelain crown can easily blend with your natural teeth. The porcelain gives a nice visual aesthetically so you will enjoy smiling again.

When you want to keep your teeth protected from decay, you need to get a hold of Greenway Family Dental for your porcelain crown. When you call (623) 500-6122, we will schedule you for your porcelain crown so you can keep your teeth and gums protected.

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