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Root Canals

3D rendered cross-section view of a tooth and its rootsA root canal is often referred to as an endodontic treatment and is used to repair the root that has become infected by bacteria. Within the root is a substance known as pulp. This pulp is made up of blood vessels and nerves that keep the tooth healthy and functioning properly.

As you become an adult, the tooth root has no more use for the pulp and are able to rely on themselves. However, if an infection occurs, then your dentist at Greenway Family Dental will need to conduct a root canal. If no treatment is sought, then an abscess will develop.

Times Where a Root Canal Is Needed

A root canal may be needed if the tooth experiences trauma or any damage such as a tooth that has become chipped, a bad filling, or any other dental conditions. Dental problems are often noticed after teeth sensitivity sets in. Besides these symptoms, a root canal may be performed if you start to have symptoms such as tenderness of the gums, pain as you chew, discoloration of the gums, and obvious tooth decay.

You need to be aware that a root canal may not be needed just because these symptoms are present. In fact, there may be other underlying conditions taking place. If you are experiencing a constant toothache, then you should be in touch with your dentist.

Process Of Root Canals

As soon as you are in touch with your dentist, make sure to tell them all about your current condition and the symptoms you are experiencing. This way you can get an examination scheduled. As you are at the appointment, the dentist will conduct an oral exam to determine the status of the tooth.

When the dentist has decided to conduct the root canal, then you will have the treatment scheduled. As you are at your root canal appointment, the dentist will conduct it in steps.

The first step will be numbing the tooth so that you are comfortable. Then, an incision will be made to have the pulp removed and to clean out the canal. Once clean, a filling will be placed within the canal.

If necessary, the dentist may choose to place a crown that will allow the tooth to appear more natural. If your root canal needs a significant amount of repair, then your dentist may insert a post to help the crown with support. As your dentist goes over the process of a root canal, they will offer many options so that you remain comfortable.

Get In Touch For Your Root Canal

Anybody can have a root canal and it is not determined by age. This is why it is important to have a dentist that will treat your root canal. With the dentists at Greenway Family Dental, they will provide the necessary treatment, so make an appointment today by giving us a call at (623) 500-6122.

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