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Tips to Soothe a Teething Child

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Greenway Family Dental
Smiling boy with missing tooth, at Surprise, AZ.Teeth eruption is part of the baby's growth. However, teething is not always a good experience because it can cause discomfort. It can also be a nerve-wracking moment for the parent since the baby may struggle to sleep and eat. This makes many parents have questions such as, how can one soothe a teething baby? Here are 3 ways to ease the discomfort:

Massage the Gums

Gum massage is a good alleviator of pain. Applying light pressure by rubbing the gums helps to increase blood flow in that specific area, which eases pain in a teething child. Ensure your hand or cloth is clean when massaging the baby's gum.

Another way to apply pressure on the baby's gums is by using teething toys and pacifiers. Be sure to clean these tools to avoid introducing harmful bacteria into the mouth. Also, place them into the refrigerator because coolness helps to relieve pain and numb the gums.

Focus On the Regular Bedtime Routine

Teething is a temporary solution. However, you should not allow it to disrupt your baby's sleeping routine. Not getting enough sleep can result in issues such as increased stress and decreased brain development. In this case, you may need to focus on practices such as a warm, relaxing bath to calm the baby down and make them fall asleep. Cuddling and rocking are other ways to soothe a teething baby. This practice provides a calm environment for the kid to fall asleep.

Consider Pain Medication

Children are different. Thus, gum massage, nighttime baths, and cuddles may not work for your kid. In this case, pain medication may be the trick you need. A pediatric dentist can prescribe over-the-counter medication to alleviate pain and allow the baby to sleep. Make an appointment with one of our professionals today if you have concerns about baby teething.

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